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.: 2020

by on Apr.23, 2020, under Other

welcome to not only 2020, but also welcome to warm weather 2020 which will surely also lead to miserable heat and potentially deadly thunderstorms. just my kind of weather.

some things have transpired over the past year or so in a positive manner as far as subjects relevant to the 8bitunderground. first of all discord and reddit have both been good places to meet like minded folks – search and ye shall find!

wardialers.org has gotten a few cosmetic/organizational updates this month and i will be adding more items to it in a big way. with covid-19 keeping us all at home i figured i will take the time to update 8bu related things so here we are. i’m very hopeful that 2020 will find me in a mindset to really get wardialers fleshed out with content and also hope the blog will be a bit more updated over the coming year as compared to the previous. all of you can help immensely by dropping me feedback.

so for now…

— eat your cereal with a fork, and do your homework in the dark.

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.: interesting numbers

by on Apr.25, 2019, under Other

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_1973.jpg

summer 2019… siiiiigh….

so a few things actually going on. http://www.wardialers.org will be growing as of this weekend – make sure you check out the update.

I’ve also gotten into reddit a bit as well as discord and have phone a few cool sections as they pertain to the subject matter of this blog. i will be adding those morsels to the links section of both sites before this coming Monday as well.

more than that, a few folks and I are working on a couple of interesting projects that I think the *community* lol will be happy with. sorry to be so vague but until I start seeing some fruits of the efforts I’m not going to reveal too much……

again, check back in a few days for more updates both here and on wardialers.org.

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.: coming soon: the charlie board.

by on Nov.29, 2018, under Hardware, OldsCool, Telco

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.: fiftyfifty

by on Nov.29, 2018, under Non-Fiction, Other, Telco

So here we are the month of the Turkey and on the cusp of the month of the tree. As usual I’ve been kinda bummed out and since reading “Exploding the Phone” I’ve really wanted more Phreaking related stuff to read. 

So I stumble upon this… 

First of all its a book about Draper. Secondly it mentions “The Charlie Board” which sort of seems like the super early predecessor to the much lauded (and rightly so) Apple Cat.. This is good. Its very good as I am extremely interested in “The Charlie Board” and possibly seeing some of that early code written for it.

The writing is not unbearable by either Draper or Fraser. Its actually very passable.

Some of the content though… The whole “someone found the plug and wrote code for the Charlie Board while I was walking in the woods with kids and it scanned 10,000 exchanges” or whatever.. No.  I guess with the drugs that were going on back then it might make sense that memories would not be clear and I have had a bout or two of that as well myself… There were just a few “Lets get this over with” moments.

The other thing that bothers me a little bit is that it seems like that about the same time this book came out we started seeing the Cap’n Crunch whistles on ebay for $33333,30… It would really make me feel ashamed if I found out that there was some kind of money making scheme put in play by Draper… 

Other than those few quirks, its phreak candy and just really interesting going back in time sort of like Exploding the Phone did. 

I think if I were to vote between the two books I would probably call it a tie. Exploding the phone went way more technical – but BTLBB was more entertaining. Reading the two right in a row would be a wonder weekend in phreak land.

Regardless of any comments thank you John Draper and C Wilson Fraser for the book. 

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.: phones in the desert

by on Oct.05, 2018, under Other

Just a link…and a pic…

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.: big bang theory

by on Jun.25, 2018, under Other

as we approach the month of extreme sunburn, fireworks and hangovers, i will be approaching all of you with something new. at this point the most i am going to say is that there will be a new/parallel domain name, push to get the forums more active and a reveal of the hard work i have been doing research wise on many fronts. the past few months have been relatively bountiful, but it has also been about me being a bit more focused on this project than i have been in quite some time. i don’t really see much communication from people showing interest in 8bu directly, but there are signs in many places that lead me to believe that my words and efforts truly are getting to the hearts and minds of a few people.

regardless of interest from others – visible or not – its way past that now. this has become bigger than me needing to see that others are interested. if nothing else this site and its resources have become my personal notebook. a way to keep a past that i treasure alive and kicking.

as time progresses, we get further and further away from dial tone and in-band signalling…. as time does progress, I will regress.

light fuse and get far, far away.

.: 8bitunderground (elite)

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.: 5/25/2018

by on May.25, 2018, under Other

Welcome to May, 2018…

While the blog has (somehow) remained up without any maintenance or updates I have slowly but surely continued to collect items to share with my millions of fans who share my interest in all things underground as they relate to old school computing and the 80’s and 90’s in general. I’ve found several vintage telephone Facebook groups as well as web sites that cater to our interest. I will be updating the forums this very evening and before the end of the weekend intend on launching an advertising campaign for the blog and forums/file archive. That being said, I am pondering putting everything I’ve got up on FTP for possible public consumption. Not positive on that yet but most certainly will be making everything available to those who have forum accounts and contribute (post/call ratio, you see?) :).

I will also promise that the blog will get a weekly update from this point forward. I’ve dropped off some baggage in my personal life and this hobby doesn’t compete with so many others now so there is a bit more time to enjoy and contribute.

As always thanks for visiting and please continue to do so as well as spread the word that The Dark Side of Yesterday has returned..

.: 8bitunderground (elite)

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.: 2017

by on Jul.27, 2017, under Other

Welcome to the future..

We haven’t died.. We’ve just been on life support for a while. We’re on the thaw and things will soon be at 98 degrees again.

Xenforo forums will be replacing the blog you have grown used to very soon.


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.: bulk user deletion

by on May.14, 2016, under Other

2341E24000000578-0-image-3_1416293066850My apologies to the few users who were legitimate – but I had 6000 users and I’m pretty sure about 2 or 3 were legit so I bulk deleted.. Please re-create your user and make sure you post at least one item so I can filter you out if this occurs again…

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.: when pigs fly…

by on May.11, 2016, under Other

Things ha:flying pigppen in life. Mine has been a roller coaster of ups and downs and mostly self-inflicted damages that have often been difficult to recover from. Recover we do though (or we die – and that may happen later..) and this post is evidence of a bit of recovery.

8bitunderground is once again back.. I have been collecting hardware again and have new plans for some of the plans I already had… Plans within plans as they say.

Not really sure I want to run any forums this time.. I think the niche of this blog is such that full blown forums will always be overkill. I will be a bit more chatty this time though and I’m not sure I want to litter the blog with random blabbering or not. So we shall see in the coming days/weeks if there is a go between that I could connect to the blog and allow for a bit more 2way discussion than the blog allows for now – and also without cluttering the important stuff.

That’s all for now – but not for long.


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