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.: voice modems review: intro

by on Feb.23, 2023, under Apps, Hardware, Other, Systems/Peripherals, Telco

In a bold, shocking new move b.8bu.com, we create a message post that does not conform to the typical text wrapping of the message around the image as every single other post has up until today. why? because I thought the header image so cool that I did not want to make it so small as to be unreadable. where did it come from you may ask – i will leave your googling skills to make that determination.

this post is simply being shown as an appetizer on an upcoming series i will be doing that discusses various devices and how they work as far as telephone number analysis (scanning, call progress detection, dtmf creation/generation, etc). most interesting to me at least is that the review will include several “telephony devices”, not just modems. i will use the first device reviewed to develop the framework for te others. hopefully real life stuff will allow me to do this before summer gets here.

as an added bonus i will be.doing these reviews using several methods of connectivity (magic jack, sip providere, aix providers, etc).

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.: pstn

by on Feb.10, 2023, under Other

so i’ve been a busy little bee lately. 3 sip accounts, 1 iax account, my always present magicjack account, gvoice, and skype. i installed a usrobotics usb voice modem which parrot linux (surprisingly) picked up and iwar works just fine with it i’ve got my cnam provider all picked out for pre-scan recon, blah blah blah….

it occurred to me this evening that i do not have an analog phone… i mean i do, but of course i cant locate the power supply nor the cradle to handset curly doo cable either. so i started noodling around on ebay – hopefully i was going to find a cheap siemens giga-set like i used to have but no such luck. of course after browsing for a bit i found a few things that looked like they would do – and then my head came back around to the modem.. why do i need a speakerphone if i’ve got a modem? not just a modem but one that will work just fine going through my *bluetooth* speakers via parrot os linux? of course – I couldn’t find a phone cord to make my dreams come true with proof. thats what tomorrows are for! stay tuned *mothafuckaaaaaa*.

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.: 2023

by on Feb.03, 2023, under Other

well time most certainly flies when you’re on the run.. bonus points to whoever can tell me who said that line and what movie its from…. yes for the one or two of you who still may check this blog or perhaps stumble across it, i am still alive. quite a few things have changed as of late – my long time hacker buddy binjinx went off and disappeared which kinda left me stagnant for a bit until i stumbled into a bunch of like-minded people who run some super cool systems. lots of hand scanning going on via multi-user campaign. pretty much everything i could have hoped for and i’m learning some things i didn’t know on top of it all. wardialers.org will be fleshed out with further content very soon.

as far as the blog goes – i’ve gotten a bit of a burning sensation to start writing a little bit again so the blog may come alive “again” (like it was ever really alive to begin with) with some old school nods and text pr0n galore. hah! if anyone truly does see this blog anymore drop me a note saying so – it will make me feel like updating it often and sharing my witty banter if i know someone else is seeing it.

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